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  • The Most Expensive Countries To Live In 2019

    The cost of living is an important factor impacting the quality of life. Paying for necessities like housing, power, water, groceries, clothing, and gas for your vehicle can really add up.A cost of li... Read the Full Article

    2019-09-27 02:28:00

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  • Digital Currency Overview

    Cryptocurrency could be the best starting point of digital currency. Bitcoin, is generally considered the first cryptocurrency of this kind created by blockchain. Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stak... Read the Full Article

    2019-09-30 00:44:00

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  • What is blockchain?

    The blockchain technology originated in early 1990’s when research scientists Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta introduced a computationally practical solution for time-stamping digital documents... Read the Full Article

    2019-09-30 01:31:00

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  • Crisis and Instability: Searching for Terra Firma

    Last week, Europe’s nuclear research organization, CERN, announced that it believes that it has found some sub-atomic particles (neutrinos) that moved faster than the speed of light.Assuming that its ... Read the Full Article

    2019-10-10 22:25:41

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  • Start earning your ShareWons today!

    ShareWon is a digital currency that can be purchased and cashed out at our Wealthskey platform.You may earn ShareWon in 3 ways:1. Write an article or post a video as a contributor to attract users to ... Read the Full Article

    2020-02-11 17:38:25

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  • IMF finds the US dollar is overvalued while the Euro is undervalued

    President Donald Trump is right on the money about US dollar’s valuation, according to IMF recently. Trump has reportedly asked Fed to weaken the dollar, making US exports more attractive and boostin... Read the Full Article

    2020-02-24 13:22:06

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  • Setback for the Greenback

    Overview:Conflicting headlines about US-China trade whipsawed the markets in Asia, but when things settled down, perhaps, like the partial deal that has been hinted, net-net little has changed. Asian ... Read the Full Article

    2020-02-24 13:22:56

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  • I Will Be Reborn - A Song in Support the Coronavirus Emergency

    A song born in support of the coronavirus emergency, especially for the city of Bergamo seriously affected by Covid-19, all the proceeds from downloads, copyrights and editorial rights (Facchinetti / ... Read the Full Article

    2020-04-04 07:45:54

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  • Citigroup Global Markets Screwed Investors Up

    Citigroup Global Markets (CGM) announced to accelerate the Velocity 3x Long Oil ETN UWT on March 19, making thousands of investors suffering from unrecoverable losses. Though CGM has the right to acce... Read the Full Article

    2020-04-14 15:32:36

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  • Little Fishes Are Fighting Back

    Over the past few weeks, a number ofleveragedandinverseexchange-traded products, including over 30 ETFs and ETNs were ceased trading—sometimes overnight. Investors holding those instruments have su... Read the Full Article

    2020-04-17 08:00:00

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  • Citigroup, Investors Want Our Money Back!

    Citigroup Global Markets Holding (CGMH) accelerated two ETNs namely UWT and DWT last month, leaving thousands of investors in deep loss. Whether their acts were legal, legitimate, and rightful were su... Read the Full Article

    2020-04-19 07:22:00

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