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ShareWon is the digital token offered by Wealthskey. The concept of ShareWon is that you earn after you pay. Once you use ShareWon to pay for something (content, course, online products or services, etc.) and share that post our, you immediately enter into an opportunity to earn more when your sharing leads to another transaction exactly the same as you did..

ShareWon is available at our platform, and can be used to view contents or make payments to products or services offered in this platform. ShareWon can be earned by just sharing the content or a sales post leading to another paid transaction, resulting in you pocketing one third of the total ShareWons that others paid. The more you share leading to the more paid transactions, the more you earn. All you have to do is just pushing the share button. The persons you shared to may also enjoy the same benefits of share and earn the same way you do.

ShareWon can also be used to ask questions to Experts or Gurus. The answer to your question may be viewed by others using ShareWon, and you may pocket one third of the total ShareWons others paid. The more viewers to your question, the more you earn.

ShareWon can be cashed out anytime, just like any other currencies.
ShareWon is priced at US$0.1 each, can be purchased at a multiple of 50 with 300 coins minimum (i.e. 300, 350, 400 ShareWons, etc.). That is, you will pay as little as 30 USD to purchase 300 ShareWons.
Viewing and sharing contents
   Use 6 ShareWons to read articles or watch videos, and share the content after reading.

Each of your sharing may lead to multiple successful shares. You may earn 1/3 of the total ShareWons paid by your friends based on all your successful shares. For example, if one of your friends pays 6 ShareWons to view one of the contents you shared, you will earn 2 ShareWons. If you have 2 friends doing the same, you will earn 4 ShareWons, and so on. The more successful shares you lead to, the more you earn.
You may cash out ShareWon anytime with us. Once we receive your withdrawal instruction we will process the cash out to your PayPal account. Each withdrawal shall be at a multiple of 50 and 350 ShareWons minimum, at the same price of US$0.1. If you would like to exchange to a different currency other than US dollar, the exchange rate will be based on the prevailing bank rates. To prevent from money launching, if the withdrawal amount is equal or greater than US$500 each time or US$5,000 accumulated each month, the bank in and bank out account needs to be exactly the same.