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Wealthskey is a global platform, we offer multilingual contents to different users around the world. To simplify the conversions we use USD. That’s nothing different from you shopping in line.
Because the charges are collected by third party, and when you cash out, we pay you exactly the same unit price you purchased from us, so to be fair the hanging charges shall be borne by users.
Can accept WeChat at this stage.
Certainly. If you think your contents are in good quality, we welcome your contribution. You need to register first, and use our publishing tool. If you choose to publish your content as a paid one, you may earn one third of the total ShareWons that people pay. For example, if there are 100 people using a total of 600 ShareWons (6 ShareWons each) to read your content, you will earn 200 ShareWons, equivalent to US$20. The more readership you acquire, the more you earn.
As long as the content is approved, anyone can be an Expert and start earning ShareWon. But every content that an Expert publishes must be approved by the Wealthskey editor. On the other hand, Guru is by invitation only, they are either well known in the investment field, or Experts already with Wealthskey who can consistently attract sizable viewership. Guru may determine the number of ShareWons required, and earn one third of the total ShareWons people paid. Contents from Guru do not require Wealthskey editor’s approval.