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You may earn money from the Weatlshkey platform.

•  Write an article or make a video may lead you to earn ShareWon
•  Share the content you paid for with friends may lead you to earn ShareWon
•  Ask questions to an expert or guru may lead you to earn ShareWon

ShareWon is your digital wallet, and can be converted to real currency any time as you wish. Please refer to the ShareWon section in the menu bar.
The Wealthskey platform is easy to use, just register as a user, and you are welcome to purchase the ShareWon. Each ShareWon costs US 10 cents, and minimum purchase is 300 ShareWons.

How to write an article or produce a video to earn ShareWon?

•  Any user can contribute the content, but has to be high quality, something that may attract other users to pay for
•  Wealthskey reserves the right to remove any contents that are not meeting our standards without further notice
•  The content you posted could be free of charge or could be chargeable. The standard charge rate is 6 coins unless you are a guru invited by Wealthskey in that case the rate could be determined separately
•  As the contributor, you will earn 1/3 of all the coins other users paid for your content. For example if there are 100 users paying a total of 600 ShareWons reading your content, you will earn 200 ShareWons (i.e. US$20)
•  You earned ShareWons will be credited to your account instantly
•  Please note if you are publishing a video, you need to firstly load the video to YouTube. Then go to the YouTube link of that particular video, right-click on the mouse and copy the embedded code, and paste back to the editor in the Wealthskey platform. You may find the editor when you go into your user account and select “Write an article”.

How to share the content and earn ShareWon?

•  Any user may share the content using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
•  First of all you need to pay 6 ShareWons (or more for the contents from gurus) to the paid content you like before you may share and earn. Every paid read generated from your shared link will earn you 1/3 of the other user paid. For example, if you have 10 friends paying to read your shared content, you may earn 1/3 of the total 60 ShareWons they paid, i.e. 20 ShareWons.

How to ask questions and earn ShareWon?

•  Pay 6 ShareWons to an expert, or 12 to a guru to ask them a question
•  Other users who want to read the answers would need to pay 3 ShareWons, and you will earn 1/3 of all users paid to your question

Start registering as an user and earn ShareWon!