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DingTalk-the successful product strategy

Author: Ada

2020-05-23 03:43

 The historical background and introduction of DingTalk

DingTalk is a free communication and collaboration multi-terminal platform built by Alibaba Group for Chinese enterprises. It provides and supports file transmission between mobile phones and computers with PC , web and mobile version. DingTalk is a product which is born for Chinese enterprises. It helps Chinese enterprises to improve their communication and collaboration efficiency through systematic solutions (micro applications).


DingTalk, an internal developing product of Alibaba, was established in May 2014. According to the data released on the official website, DingTalk released a 0.1.0 beta version on December 1, 2014. From then on, DingTalk officially promoted its products to the market. On May 25th ,2018, the 2018 China intelligent mobile office industry trend report released by CNBdata and Alibaba showed that the intelligent mobile office market continued to maintain a high-speed growth and was expected to reach nearly 50 billion yuan by 2020. Although many enterprises were catching up with this chance, the effect of head intelligent mobile office market was obvious at present.

The development and profits of DingTalk

At the end of December 2017, DingTalk announced that the number of users exceeded 100 million. According to the third-party data of quest mobile, DingTalk has the highest market share in the field of intelligent mobile office. At present, DingTalk ranks the first in the number of active users and exceeds the sum of the second to tenth active users.


Behind the rapid growth of DingTalk users, the recognition of DingTalk by enterprises and organizations in various industries is reflected. As it shows that many well-known enterprises in various industries, including Fosun Group, RT mart, China Unicom, uni President Group, Yintai business group, I love my family, Didi travel, Yuanda technology, Xibei catering, unexpectedly home, jiaduobao group, boss electronics, focus media, Sinopec pipeline storage and transportation company, are using DingTalk. 

On August 27, the CEO of Alibaba DingTalk announced that by June 30, 2019, the number of DingTalk's users had exceeded 200 million, and the number of enterprise organizations had exceeded 10 million at the future organization meeting. It means that DingTalk becomes the first enterprise level intelligent mobile office platform with more than 200 million users in the world.

DingTalk users are mainly located in small and medium-sized enterprises, because large enterprises generally have their own systems, while small enterprises have no ability to develop enterprise systems. China's small and medium-sized enterprises account for a high proportion, and enterprise level service is a hundred billion level market, which is an important reason for the development of DingTalk.


Another factor is that Alibaba has always had a dream of social softmedia. Failure events such as "going back" and "paying for bustard" have also changed the direction of DingTalk, from the C end to the B end. In fact, this is also fit with Alibaba's culture. Alibaba was founded to serve enterprises. Later, when it came to Taobao and Tianmao, it didn't leave the main line of enterprises and businesses. Alibaba may not be good at social networking, but it has its own genes and heritage to do a good job in corporate services.


The strategy of DingTalk

If someone is asked that what is your impression of DingTalk, they may answer that the enterprises around you are using it, the sound of "nail" is very pleasant , "he" is free or it belongs to "Ali" Ma Yun’s group. Think about it carefully. Why do them think about the DingTalk product like this?


Let's analyze the reason why the DingTalk can achieve such a great success from the perspective of the buyer's behavior first. I think the success of the DingTalk has a great relationship with the acceleration of the enterprise customer's problem recognition. Starting from the basic functions of the product, the DingTalk attracts enterprise users with free functions, and then further inspire users with product requirements to strengthen the users’ use viscosity.


DingTalk attracts users with the function of free phone.When we asked why people use DingTalk, unexpectedly, they downloaded and even used DingTalk for the first time, totally for the DingTalk free phone. Companies registered DingTalk to give employees 600-1000 minutes of free phone every month, while in 2015-2016, the phone communication fee is relatively high, 600-1000 minutes is a very attractive and retaining gimmick. In 2016, it was pointed out that "it's not very accurate to measure instant messaging products by the number of enterprises, or it needs to look at the active users at the end of the C end". The DingTalk back relies on Alibaba to spread out its products very fast and well-known, but the remaining users largely rely on the function of "free phone". In this way, the attracted users are mostly like logistics personnel low quality users with fixed work scenarios. With this function, DingTalk has successfully appeal a large number of users.


DingTalk also pays attention to the development of the product very much.With the process of general description and product specification, the product positioning of DingTalk is very clear.


Since the first version was released at the beginning of 2015, Alibaba has been running all the way, maintaining an average speed of one new version per month and iterating rapidly, and spreading advertisements all over the country. It can be seen that Ali's attention to DingTalk and his determination to "sweep the market".


The staple slogan has changed from a "new generation of team communication" in the 1.0 era to a "DingTalk, a way of working" in the 2.0 era. From then on, we can see the change of DingTalk thinking. When DingTalk was born, it was also shrouded in the shadow of the defeat of Wechat. It wanted to enter the social field from the perspective of corporate social interaction. Therefore, the DingTalk in the 1.0 era aims to be an IM(instant messaging) tool different from Wechat, but after a year of updating and iteration, DingTalk has developed from a team collaboration tool to an enterprise office platform, holding the banner of "to improve the collaboration efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprise groups", gaining millions of enterprise group users, and finding their own huge imagination space.


With the position of product, DingTalk is to solve the three main demand of small and medium-sized enterprise managers, respectively:


1. Sign in at work. LBS mobile phone to sign in at work, subverted the original fingerprint punch card, or the way of sign in with writing on the paper, completely solved the phenomenon of trouble of signing in.

2. For the sellers, the boss didn't know whether it was true or not when the sellers went out to visit the customers. He didn't know the process of the visit. Now he uses mobile phone to locate and sign in with DingTalk.

3. "Ding" replied in time with DingTalk, when the boss issued a notice. Previously, I could not see it in Wechat. Now "readed" will be displayed in the DingTalk. This  prevents the employees from "pretending to be dead", and the efficiency will be significantly improved.


In short , the early IM(instant product) function design of stapling is more mobile, and does not consider the demand of Web-based IM enterprise or team cooperation too much. Of course, the acquisition of teambization also improves this aspect.


When companies have realized the demand, how to make them want to further determine the DingTalk is the most suitable for cooperation in the process of supplier search? DingTalk has made a lot of efforts in marketing.


DingTalk has taken a lot of eye-catching publicity propaganda. It can be said that the market brand Department of Alibaba family is different. Since the DingTalk went online, the market brand Department has started a round of eye-catching DingTalk, which highlights the advantages of the DingTalk and mercilessly mocks Wechat Work(b2b version Wechat).


With of the process of supplier selection, DingTalk takes a lot of action to enable enterprises to select it. Ma Yun (CEO of Alibaba) attached great importance to it and also gave a lot of resource to DingTalk. A large part of them are Alibaba's (Taobao) businesses. The number of users in the early stage of DingTalk, most or even a lot of them are from Alibaba's ecological contribution.

Although DingTalk has had a series of mature function, it does not stop its step to go forward. DingTalk makes a lot of strategic planning for the future.


With the combination of mobile and intelligent hardware, DingTalk version 4.0 has released "intelligent foreground" - face recognition attendance, attendance machine. Intelligent hardware has been sold on the official website. It can be seen that after the DingTalk solves the software requirements, it will develop towards the intelligent hardware in the future.


DingTalk gives more humanized way of working. The method of DingTalk promoted is from top to bottom, first in various ways to get the boss of the enterprise, so that the boss can recognize the DingTalk and use it. However, according to the feedback of users, the use of DingTalk in the perspective of employees is not very humanized. For example, clocking and positioning actually deprive employees of the right of privacy and freedom. With the increase of competitors, DingTalk should pay more attention to the use of employees.


As a open platform, DingTalk is currently in the joint SaaS enterprise service industry partners, to provide better enterprise level services for small and medium-sized enterprises. On the DingTalk official website, API documents and interfaces have been opened for developers to use.


DingTalk began to introduce the service staff level, integrating various life services such as food, housing and transportation; from another perspective, Alibaba's life service category is also guiding the DingTalk and adding new traffic entrances. On the basis of a large amount of flow diversion, DingTalk produce a new business model to make up for the loss of the existing business model.


To build an enterprise level app store, DingTalk has been providing external interfaces since version 3.0, and office applications with DingTalk need to be strictly reviewed by DingTalk to pass. From the perspective of the market of business, the current market lacks an enterprise level app store. DingTalk in the integration of various enterprise applications, it is likely to move towards the direction of enterprise level app store.


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