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A pitch of startup business with only ten slides

Author: 강준구

2020-05-19 16:38

When he or she starts a new business, they mostly do not have enough capitals so they often need to get capital from investors. However, investors are mostly busy and rarely give an entrepreneur a chance to have a pitch, even 5 minutes unless they have certain interests. Thus, when a startup businessperson has an opportunity to present their company and business ideas, they must have an effective presentation. But, it is quite difficult to have a brief and impressive presentation. So, Guy Kawasaki’s 10 slides method is strongly recommended.

Guy Kawasaki is an American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Among many careers he had, Guy Kawasaki’s venture capitalist career brought the idea of a 10 slides idea. He as a venture capitalist should listen to hundreds of entrepreneurs pitch their companies. He thought a lot of presentations were crap. In the end, he was losing his hearing. This was the main idea that let Guy Kawasaki develop a 10 slides presentation.


Guy Kawasaki mentioned that the optimum number of slides in a PowerPoint presentation is 10 slides. Common people cannot understand more than ten concepts in a meeting by suggesting venture capitalists are very normal. He distinguishes the difference between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists by saying that entrepreneurs are paid by venture capitalists to gamble with someone’s money. Venture capitalists are not smart people imagine. Thus, the ten slides should include problem, your solution, business model, underlying magic or technology, marketing and sales, competition, team, projections and milestones, status and timeline, and summary and call to action.


Twenty minutes are recommended when entrepreneurs present their slides. It is because projectors may malfunction or it may take time to set up the computer. Although everything is perfect, people may arrive late and have to leave early. So, it should be better to set twenty minutes to present. The leftover forty minutes could be used for discussion or Q&A.


Lastly, Guy Kawasaki recommends presentation font should be bigger than a thirty-point font. If the presentation font is a ten-point font, it means each page has a lot of text so that a presenter can highly be jammed on each page. As soon as people notice the fact that the presenter reads the page, audiences read the presentation, not listening to the presenter. Besides, there are two reasons why presenters use small fonts. Firstly, they do not know their material well enough. Secondly, they think lots of text can convince audiences. However, it is a wrong thought. Thus, by putting bigger points, presenters automatically can be changed to understand materials because they should know what they say with big font size.

To conclude, Guy Kawasaki called this method the 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint. His method is not only applied to startup pitch but also all sorts of presentations. If you were the one who read a presentation with small font size, you should try to understand the material first with bigger font size.

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