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Breaking Out from the Outbreak, Financially

Author: Ethan Cheng

2020-03-27 18:53

HKU Wealthskey Content Writing / Sharing Competition

With the rampant coronavirus outbreak, the world is struggling to deal with the economic crisis. Stock market plunge and trading halts are catastrophic. Fear, dread, and despair have never been such commonplace. Undoubtedly, never will the maintenance of the status quo be desirable. However, the ordeal seems to be insurmountable. But the history of humanity is all about progression. There should be something we can do and should do in order to break out from the outbreak.

When it comes to breaking out from the outbreak, prudence is always the key. We do not have to be Michael Scofield. Putting ourselves into the jail intentionally and escape from the prison perfectly. But one thing is commensurate. Formulation of meticulous plans are of paramount importance. We hav...

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