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The Mystery Of Black Hole

Author: Hamael Sajjad

2020-03-23 03:37

Our universe is full of surprising facts and to know about them is enthralling. One of them is the mystery of Black Hole. So, what are Black Holes? 

As we know that everything in this universe has to complete its life span and then demolish; stars too. 

Dead stars that are much bigger than our sun, are so dense and have strong gravity and even light can't even pass through them. Thereby, these are called Black Holes.

What would happen if a star gets close to the Black Hole? 

It would get stretched, torn apart, pulled in and eventually squashed. Stars that are much bigger than our sun ultimately explode whenever they run out of their fuel. This is called "Supernova" and the process of becoming supernova is brighter than the whole galaxy of billions of stars. After completing the life span, some of the stars radiate a beam of particles so other stars become dense and their gravity becomes stronger. Hence, they can swallow light including everything that falls in them.

The Giant Black holes are usually found in the center of the galaxies. These gigantic or super-massive black holes are millions and billions of times heavier than our sun.

According to NASA: The most distant black hole ever detected is in a galaxy about 13.1 billion light-years far from Earth. Astronomers named this super-massive black hole 'Quasar'

What would happen if you get close to one?

If you get closer  to a Black Hole then you will experience the incredible gravitational pull and your feet would be pulled more than your head; you would be stretched. Scientists call this phenomenon 'Spaghettification'.

Which Black Hole is nearest to us?

Black hole that is closest to our Earth is named as 'V616 Monocerotis'.

It is almost 3000 light-years away from Earth. Furthermore, this Black Hole is 10 times heavier than the sun. Also, there are almost 100 million black holes in our Milky Way. The biggest Black Hole is known as 'Sagittarius A*' and it is in the center of our galaxy. Furthermore, it is 4 million times heavier than our sun.

Don't worry, we are still too far.

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