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Affect of Coronavirus on Health

Author: Ajaay Goyel

2020-03-21 23:17

Most of us always try to keep a check on our health. But, at times, it becomes almost impossible to manage our health.

More so, whenever we fall ill, due to fever or headache or cough or cold or stomach upset or some or the other kind of pain or issue with our body. However, usually, people are not too afraid about it, as they feel it is not too serious and will pass without causing them severe harm.

Also, people take it easy because they know treatment is available for their disease. But, this time, Coronavirus has frightened the entire world.

Why? Coronavirus is a new disease caused by some kinda virus, which is termed as fatal, and no treatment is available for it to date. Hence, everyone is freakingly going mad over it. Moreover, due to some people dying due to it, others are too confused and sense of fatal danger has gotten in everyone's heart, mind, body, and soul. Although the percentage of people dying from Coronavirus is very low, the uncertainty of treatment availability and no cure available to date, and others confusion and panic is harming everyone more than Coronavirus itself.

Coronavirus has become more of a psychological threat than disease probability of causing harm in reality. Hence, there is no need to panic and undergo anxiety and depression.

First, we need to stop getting too worried and frightened about Coronavirus.

Then, we need to take care of our food, drinks, health, cleanliness, and home, and forget about Coronavirus.

Kick out that tension, that stress which is causing more harm than any other thin

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