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If I Woke Up to be the Last Person on Earth.....

Author: Muskan

2020-03-21 23:10

There are a lot of things I’d like to do and experience because it is pretty exciting if that happened. I would be terrified of being all alone but it would be like the movie Home Alone and I would be Kevin except my playground is the whole world not only my home. I would be upset about family members not being here but life goes on. I would not have much time left on earth with everyone gone overnight so I would make the best out of it.

Firstly, I’ll roam the streets and go into stores the ordinary can’t afford with the prettiest but overpriced clothes and accessories. I would get into the most stylish and recent fashion line because I can finally afford it and nobody is here to criticize me for anything I do or wear. I can take clothes to my heart’s consent as no one is telling me, “you can’t do this or you can’t buy this.” and being a girl, that's the best thing ever.

Secondly, I would go to Starbucks and eat my favorite breakfast. Before that, I would play my favorite music on the speaker. Of course, I’ll have to make it myself so I'll prepare a mango passionfruit frappuccino and heat a mushroom & cheese pocket. It would feel a bit weird because it would be quiet even with only the soft music playing but I would finally be able to enjoy a quiet morning without all the voices in the background. I would grab a bottle of expensive water and get on with my adventure.

Next, I would explore areas we were not allowed to like the Area 51 or the Elite clubs where only the richest of the rich could enter. I would see what is so special about these places that they are kept so secret and if it was worth it because we all die in the end leaving all of this behind. I would try to figure out what caused this mass extinction and leave a trace of our existence for if anyone exists in the future. I’d think it was caused by war or Donald Trump conspiring to erase a certain part of the world gone wrong. It could be easily global warming too which is why I say, “Save it or Die with it” or would be like the spaceship in Wall-e that took all the humans in it because the earth isn't a safe place to live anymore. I would put a signal out so that if any of this were true, I could be spotted and rescued.

Next, I would prepare some kind of protection for myself as natural disasters can break out anytime with no one to help or save me. Then, I would go to a pizza place and make one for myself with some wings and fries as this would be the only time I can put my skills to work before my time runs out. It could be my last lunch on earth so I have to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Later at night, I would make myself a nice meal and watch my favorite movies, especially Dirty Dancing and 10 Things I hate about you as well as Big Daddy. I would bake the molten chocolate lava cakes and chocolate chip cookies to eat with the vanilla ice cream I got from the gourmet section of the supermarket and savor it. Before heading to bed, I would write a letter of our human existence and post it everywhere and leave the printer on printing the letter until the power runs out on earth and the earth burns into Pluto if I don't wake up the next day. I would be going to bed with a grateful heart to have gotten the opportunity to do everything I ever wanted before my time ran out and hope that it was my last day because no matter what I did, I would feel lonely and sad because I am in the end left all alone in the world.

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