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Start earning your ShareWons today!

Author: Ken Poon

2020-02-11 17:38

ShareWon is a digital currency that can be purchased and cashed out at our Wealthskey platform.

You may earn ShareWon in 3 ways:

1. Write an article or post a video as a contributor to attract users to pay for your content by ShareWon;

2. Share an article or video that you paid for to your connections by social media (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, etc.). You will earn 1/3 of the total ShareWons your friends pay for the content you shared. The more you share the more you earn.

3. Ask a guru or expert a question using ShareWon. You will earn 1/3 of the total ShareWons others paying to read the answer to your question.

Start registering as a user today and purchasing ShareWon. 

Each costs only 10 US cents. You may convert your ShareWons at the Wealthskey platform back to a hard currency also at 10 US cents each anytime.

ShareWon is your own money and you make passive income just by clicking one button to share!

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You may earn ShareWon by sharing a paid content.
Share this out. Earn ShareWon by sharing a paid content. The more paid reads you lead, the more you earn. ShareWon can be exchanged for hard currencies.

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    Ask wGuru / Expert a question using ShareWon, and you will have a chance to earn more coins.