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  • Feels Like the World is on its End

    Our life during corona-virus (COVID-19)Sizi Soorat4 days agoPeople buying and storing food in their houses,leaving stores empty for the elderly ones.Nothing left except the barking dogs and empty stre... Read the Full Article

    2020-03-30 15:34:00

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  • If I Woke Up to be the Last Person on Earth.....

    There are a lot of things I’d like to do and experience because it is pretty exciting if that happened. I would be terrified of being all alone but it would be like the movie Home Alone and I would be... Read the Full Article

    2020-03-21 23:10:00

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  • Broken Iron Rice Bowl

    As per Linkedin’s Workplace Learning Report (2017), the average skills shelf life has fallen below 5 years.Neither is this surprising: The stunning demise of Nokia, the fall of Toys R Us, the way Me... Read the Full Article

    2020-03-03 20:41:44

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